Kurtis Jones

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

photo of  Kurtis Jones

Phone: (435) 986-2206
Email: [email protected]

My name is Kurtis Jones. I grew up here in Southern Utah, and although I have lived all over the country, this has always been my home. I am excited to be coming home and joining everyone here at Entrada. For most of my life I have been in the customer service industry and have cultivated a belief in providing genuine care not only to the people I serve, but to the people who work with me. Through my career I have had many wonderful experiences and met many wonderful people and I canít wait to see what the future holds for this new venture. In my spare time, I am an avid woodworker and love working on new projects. Growing up at the entrance to Zion National Park I fell in love with being outdoors hiking, camping, fishing, and pretty much anything water related. I am a scuba diver, snowboarder, lover of music, movies, games, and even thoughÖIím pretty bad at it, I do genuinely enjoy golf. I am really looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all, and I canít wait to see what the future has in store for us.
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