Class List/Descriptions

Active Foam Roller*
Hatha Yoga*Ripped*
Ai Chi: Grace in Water*
Have a Ball: Total Body Conditioning*
Intro To Ballroom Dancing* Total Body Conditioning*
Better Back, Abs and Glutes*
Intro To Tabata*
TRX: Interval Training*
Cardio Circuit* Just Dance*
Wise and Fit*
Cardio Playhouse*
Kundalini Yoga*
Yoga Asana*
Chair Yoga*
LaBlast Dance Fitness*
Yoga Bliss*
Metabolic Conditioning*Yoga in the Canyon*
Chi Yoga*
Mat Pilates*Yoga Flow*
Core Barre*
Posture Perfect*Zumba®*
Fascial Massage*
Restorative Yoga*

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Class Descriptions:

Release your fascia and connect to your core all this inclusive 50 minute of self-healing immersion class. For all levels. New to exercise or just new to the gym; come enjoy this hour long strength building workout with a premiere trainer. Gain back the muscles you are losing in this Anti-Aging workout! For beginners.

Ai Chi is a gentle, water-based total body-mind program that helps to promote relaxation while improving balance, circulation, strength and flexibilibty. It involves a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements of the arms, legs and torso while standing in chest to shoulder height water. This slow-paced class is geared to those with injuries, chronic pain or anyone looking to reduce stress.

In water you can push 12 times the resistance as when you are on land. Learn to use the power to improve your cardiovascular and muscular system. For all fitness levels.

Define, tone and strengthen those muscles that enhance your core function and improve the way your body looks and feels! This class is far all fitness levels.

Alternate between easy to follow cardio movements and strength conditioning exercises in this all-inclusive workout. For all fitness levels.

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Your certified fitness professional will bring her A game and lead you through different styles of movement on a on-going basis. Ballet, drumming, dancing, high intensity, low-impact or step may all be included in this on-going change up meet the  variety your body craves.

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga-based stretching where all poses are done sitting on a chair or standing while using the chair for support. There are no floor exercises in this class. Chair yog acan help to improve balance, range of motion, flecibility and posture while reducing pain, stress and tension.

This class is all about building muscle,. Maintaining muscle is essential to aging with grace. A certified professional will lead you through a workout, taught to all levels, that makes you stronger with every session. For all fitness levels.

Raise your life force as you bring together the two genres of Tai Chi and traditional yoga postures in this beautifully blended moving experience. For all levels. 

Incorporate your full center while utilizing traditional exercises fused with a ballet workout. For all levels.

Melt your connective tissue in this class using MELT balls, tennis balls and foam rollers. Instantly see improvement in your range of motion, realign your skeletal system and improve your body's overall hydration. For all fitness levels. 

The perfect class for beginning yoga students, as well as students who would like to spend more time in each posture. Open up, relax and leave refreshed. For all levels.

This all over body workout will define your muscles, improve your balance and make you smile! This class will utilize a variety of Medicine balls, Swiss balls, Pilates balls and small weighted balls to enhance your strength and define your core. 
Learn to dance all your favorites from the beginning while moving your body through length, strength and improving stamina. For beginners.

New to exercise to just new to the gym; come enjoy this 45 min long endurance building workout with a premiere trainer. Regain your stamina and improve your metabolism in this Anti-Aging workout! For beginners.

Every week will be a surprise in cardio movement; from Zumba to Ballet, our fitness professional will guide you through an upbeat, heart-pumping, lively dance class.

This class is offered in the traditional format as taught by Yogi Bhajan with stretching, breath-intensive kriya, and meditation with mantra, followed by deep relaxation and sound bath.

This is a revolutionary dance fitness program, based on all the dances you see  <<Dancing with the Stars>> that fuses dance into a serious calorie burning workout that will get you into the best shape of your life! It takes you mind, body and soul on a journey through ballroom based dances from different countries, cultures and characteristics. LaBlast is a wourkout in disguise while learning the true skill of dance. One class is for beginners and one for intermediate, choose your
level to suit your experience.

This demanding, integrated workout will take your from mediocre to incredible. In less than 30 minutes we will use your whole body to improve your cardiovascular and muscular system. For those who want to get over a fitness plateau.

This workout is designed to strengthen and stabilize the abdominal muscles, as well as incorporate balance and stretch. Use this class to learn stabilization techniques to take into all your workouts and daily activities. For all levels.

This class will lead participants through Pilates, yoga and dance inspired strengthening and stretch exercises that will enhance stability, strength, mobility and agility throughout your core. For all levels of fitness.

New to exercise to just new to the gym; come enjoy this 45 min long endurance building workout with a premiere trainer. Regain your stamina and improve your metabolism in this Anti-Aging workout! For beginners.

Training Method is the ultimate High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT) experience; a non-stop, heart-pounding, 50-minute workout.

Tappercise is a new and fun way to both learn tap and to enjoy exercise. Whether a total beginner, seasoned pro or returning to tap after years away - tappercise will reignite your passion for tap dance and exercise.

This all over body workout will define your biceps, triceps and chest by building and toning your upper body muscles for the tank top season, as well as, define the muscles of your legs to increase power and increase caloric burn. For all
fitness levels.

Play on the latest tools in fitness: exercise straps. TRX straps allow the most beginner to the advance athlete feel safe and challenged. This workout will interval between work with the strap and using the body techniques. For all fitness levels.

This Fitness class is focused on low impact aerobics, balance, functional movement, range of motion and flexibility. We will use a variety of equipment, body weight exercises as well as stretching and relaxation techniques to create a
fun and engaging class in an atmosphere geared  towards active older adults. For beginners.

Practice Asanas (yoga poses), which incorporate breathing, movement and meditation. This yoga class is for all levels of yoga experience. 

This yoga class will leave you in total bliss as you move through uplifting yoga postures that increase your joy and improve your well-being. For all levels of study. 

Enjoy a shot hike into Vermillion Cliffs and practice yoga amongst the red rocks. This is both a breathtaking and breath-enhancing experience. For all levels.

This is a Vinyasa style of yoga, a term used when linking together yoga postures and breathing with the use of the Sun Salutation. Yoga experience recommended. 

Fuse hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. The goal is simple: Achieve long-term benefits while experiencing and absolute blast in one exciting hour of
calorie-burning, body-energizing, aw-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life! For all fitness levels.